Visual Creative + business strategist



Zach grew up in the hills of Northern Utah. He spent his childhood developing a taste for skateboarding and snowboarding, becoming completely immersed in the shred community. At the age of 22 he delved into the realm of business and bought the skateshop he had worked at since he was 16 years old. After getting settled in as an entrepreneur Zach dove into design at Utah State University where he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. While still managing his retail store, Zach provides freelance brand direction services and is currently available for hire.



Directive is gold. Not monetarily, but like the kind of gold you sink your teeth into just to prove its worth. Over the last 9 years Zach has developed a rare skill set only acquirable through entrepreneurship. Skills such as sales, purchasing, management, account/public relations, event coordination, marketing, accounting, production, strategy, plus many more.


Art is communication, and design is the language it speaks. Growing up skating and snowboarding Zach had always been drawn to the visual language people speak with their own unique style. As his passion for the skate and snowboard scene grew so did his perspective of design. Now, building off of his childhood, business experience, and creative passions, Zach has developed and continues to explore his own unique visual style.


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